Sony: All you can eat MMO pass just $19.99

Sony Online Entertainment is taking away with one hand, but giving with the other. In the wake of this week’s announcement that Star Wars Galaxies will be closing in December, the company’s now revealed that its monthly MMORPG subscription plan ([surl=]All Access[/surl], formerly known as the Station Pass) will be dropping in price to just US$19.99.

Sony Online Entertainment's a bargain, really.

That means you’ll be getting a monthly, unlimited subscription to games like EverQuest, EverQuest II, Vanguard and the PC version of DC Universe for one low price. Play one game, play them all, pay the same amount of money.

It’ll also give you premium access to selected free-to-play titles like Pirates of the Burning Sea, Free Realms and EQ2X.

Previously US$29.99 per month, this price cut will take gamers back to the heady days of April 2007, before the last rate hike.

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