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Gamebook Adventures: An Assassin in Orlandes - LITE

An Assassin in Orlandes

If you’d been meaning to dip your toes into the warm, soothing waters that are Gamebook Adventures by Tin Man Games, now’s your chance. The Australian-based developer has just released Gamebook Adventures 1: An Assassin in Orlandes as a LITE version – that is, completely free for you to download to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

The LITE version will include all of the extras that ship with the original version of the game – Orlandes Uncovered, the world map and the in-game achievements – but it’s just a teaser and will only include the first fifth of the story. Depending on how you play, that’s still potentially hours of gameplay!

Neil Rennison, Creative Director at Tin Man explains the decision:

We’ve had people contact us for some time asking for a Lite version, as they had never played a fantasy gamebook before but loved the concept. As this is the first time we’ve released a free version, it will be interesting to see how it turns out for us. Hopefully it will mean we encourage a few more people to read at least!

Gamebook Adventures - Temple of the Spider God

The terrifying Sea Serpent from GA7

…and while Tin Man has been focussing a little on this revamp of Book 1, progress on Book 7 – Temple of the Spider God progresses unabated, with a story provided by Fighting Fantasy‘s Jonathan Green.

As you may recall from our interview with Neil, the developers are thrilled that such a highly-acclaimed author is working on the project, particularly as it draws closer to release.

GA7 is “coming together well”, we hear – with a release date planned for early August. As well as a new author, Book 7 will bring with it a slightly new format, and the introduction of GAML 2.0 (that’s Gamebook Adventures Markup Language), which will enable a bunch of new features for the books – including vehicle combat and fighting alongside other characters. The interface is getting a revamp, a handful of coloured illustrations are being thrown in, and it’s all sounding pretty darn exciting.

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