Bush plays music, virtual hockey in NHL 12

It’s been a while since we’ve heard much from Bush – the band, not the politician(s). But now, they’re back, and they’re working with EA on the development of NHL 12. Sure, Gavin and the boys aren’t sitting down in the office and putting in the hard yards on the art, the programming or the writing, but they are contributing a lovely song to the game – and that’s what really counts!

Here’s the tune: All My Life.

Bush, speaking as an entire band, says:

We are very excited about music from our forthcoming album, The Sea of Memories, being featured in EA’s NHL 12. Our first album in a long time comes out this September and we hope you enjoy this first sample, ‘All My Life.’

Thanks to EA, you can also download a free MP3 of All My Life!

…but wait. Bush are also releasing another new tune on the soundtrack for NHL 12 – and that one will be unveiled on [surl=http://www.ea.com]EA.com[/surl] on July 25th, along with the full 14-song track listing.

There are plenty of other great bands rockin’ out for NHL 12, but Bush are a bit of a highlight. The band’s only just reformed after a nine year hiatus, and are lookin’ for some action. It’s not their first move into video games, either – you can hear Gavin Rossdale’s warblings in both Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 and Madden NFL 11.

[img_big]center,7943,2011-06-22/stam_12.jpg,NHL 12[/img_big]

NHL 12 is due for release on September 13th, around the same time as Bush are planning to release The Sea of Memories.

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