Free-to-play Infinity Blade heads to Japan

Speaking of Epic Games, Chair and Infinity Blade, the trio are set to make an appearance in Japan, with a little help from mobile company DeNA.

[img_big]center,2977,2010-12-20/InfinityBlade_Update1_ScreenD.jpg,Infinity Blade[/img_big]

But it won’t be the Infinity Blade that we know at this stage. Instead, it’s a new, social adaptation of the game – Infinity Blade X. It’s designed to include multiplayer and some handy co-op features, to use DeNA‘s Mobage network, and – thanks to the wonder of microtransactions – will be free-to-play, supported by the sale of virtual goods.

The original title received rave reviews, and has earned more than $10 million in its first six months of release, proving quite handily that the UDK really is well-suited to iOS. Check out our interview with Vice President Mark Rein to hear a bit more about what Epic have planned in the mobile space.

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