Heroes of Newerth downed by major data failure

Hardware failures are never fun. It’s bad enough when it’s your personal PC that crashes and won’t wake up, so please spare a thought for Heroes of Newerth developers S2 Games.

It seems that during scheduled maintenance earlier today, a “catastrophic hardware failure” hit a number of systems – including some of the game’s backups.

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Staff member Maliken took to the game’s forums to explain a little more:

We attempted to upgrade the processor on our database boxes. Both of our servers were simultaneously taken offline while the new hardware was being put in place. During this period of time, the file systems on BOTH boxes were destroyed. If this boggles your mind to the point that you can’t believe it could happen, you would be in the same exact boat we are! It seems almost statistically impossible, however, it is in fact what happened.

Predictably, S2 now find themselves with no hardware that can run the databases – and it’s proving challenging to find replacements.

The reason for such a catastrophic situation is that this hardware is not the type that is simply sitting around, even in the largest hosting facilities in the world (in which we host at). We are scrambling to bring our systems back online temporarily so you can play the game through other short term methods while we get new hardware online.

At time of writing, S2 Games has not offered any further information, nor an expected return time for the game. We’ll keep an eye on the story and keep you updated, but – for now – it looks like a sleepless night for the Michigan-based developers, and an opportunity for Newerth fans to try out another game for a little while.

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