Boy beaten to death after breaking tv playing Wii

5-year old Jamar Johnson allegedly broke his family’s television while playing Wii games last week. His mother, Kim Crawford became so enraged that she smacked the boy in the stomach and back “harder than I’ve ever hit him” – and she’s now facing charges of murder and manslaughter after Jamar died in hospital late Friday.

Black Wii-mote

The Wii-mote controller

Following the assault in the Bronx on June 13th, Jamar complained of agonizing pain and often vomited, which authorities later discovered were the effects of massive internal injuries. Crawford refused to take him to hospital because she was afraid she would be arrested over the incident when staff saw her son’s bruises.

When she was finally confronted by the police, Crawford claimed the boy had gotten sick, before falling asleep and not waking up. She later alleged that he was playing in the park, fell and injured himself. The boy later died suffering an infection to his lacerated pancreas and intestine.

It took hours of questioning for Crawford to admit that she was furious at her son over breaking the television, according to [surl=]local media[/surl].

“I hit Jamar twice in the back and twice in the stomach.”

Friday night, June 18th (five days following the broken television), Crawford noticed Jamar wasn’t moving, and his hands were cold. Finally, she took him to the hospital, where he later died.

Crawford is known to police for a long history of “domestic incidents” involving Jamar’s father, and also for previous drug and assault arrests. When she was arrested over Jamar’s death, she already had an open warrant for violating probation. Despite this, her lawyer argues that she should not be charged with murder.

“The facts do not establish at all that this mother tried to kill her child. I have no idea whether hitting someone with their hand causes these kinds of injuries. It’s clear that for two days she was worked over by police.”

Jamar’s distraught family called the death “inexcusable”, with his grandmother explaining that whether or not the incident was on purpose or not “doesn’t matter”.

My beautiful grandson is gone, and he’s not coming back …it’s a tragedy. It’s inexcusable.

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