Team Fortress 2 unveils Über Update

Team Fortress 2 is about to receive the “biggest, most ambitious update” in the game’s history. Appropriately titled the Über Update, gamers should brace themselves over the next few days, because this is going to be big.

Team Fortress 2: Uber Update

...whatever could that mean?

Developers at Valve aren’t one for ruining surprises, but they were happy to share a handful of clues about one of the impending surprises, which might get you a little hot under the collar.

1.) It IS a “Meet the” short.
2.) It involves ONE of the two remaining classes.
3.) It’s NOT the Pyro.
4.) It’s the MEDIC.

So – while you’re thinking about what that all means, you may like to peruse the first class pack announcement: [surl=]Mobster Monday[/surl], which invites people to join the “family business”. The Heavy is provided with some Black Market Business, while The Spy becomes the Man of Honor. ‘Sif that wasn’t all great enough, there’s also a shiny new payload map, Barnblitz.

Team Fortress 2: Mobster Monday

"close the door on your wife Diane Keaton"

…what’s that? You’re still not happy with all of this?
Fine then. Have a week-long free weekend of Team Fortress 2, and stick around for more information about the Über Update as it unfolds.

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