The Radiangames Bizarro sale

Luke Schneider has worked in the past for companies like Outrage Entertainment and Volition, designing blockbuster titles from the Descent and Red Faction series. Over the past year though, his attention has shifted to something much smaller, but no less awesome.


One man show.

Radiangames was founded in March 2010, with the intention of creating “small, high-quality downloadable games”. So far, so good – with seven games under his belt and another on the way, Luke’s keeping busy.

If you haven’t checked them out yet, now’s your chance.
Ballistic, Crossfire, Crossfire 2, Fireball, Fluid, Inferno and JoyJoy are all currently available through the Indie Games section of the Xbox 360 dashboard – just search under R for Radiangames.

And make sure you act fast. Starting June 28th, Luke’s promising a “Bizarro sale”, where you’ll be able to save -400% of the price of his games. That’s right, he’ll be raising the selling price from $1 to $5, so if you want it cheap, get in quick!

Why raise the price of my games by 400%? Why not? The games aren’t making much money and it’ll be fun to see what happens. Not only am I going to see how the $5 price does, but this is the best way to emulate a limited-time sale on XBLIG.

Radiangames Bizarro Sale

Save -400%!

For a more genuine saving, Luke’s also put all seven of Radiangames‘ soundtracks on sale – these are generally sold for $1.99 each, but you can pick them up before the 28th for 50% off – just $0.99. Head to the [surl=]Radiangames Bandcamp[/surl] for more information and to make your choice.

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