Take-Two not fond of straight ports for Wii U

Sure, it’s early days yet, but I’m noticing a promising trend when it comes to developers chatting about the Wii U. Everybody is expressing an intention to create content for Nintendo‘s new machine from the ground up, rather than merely shoehorning existing games onto another console.

Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo's Wii U

We heard it when Brian Martel from Gearbox was talking about Aliens: Colonial Marines, Epic Games expressed a similar sentiment, and in a new interview with [surl=http://venturebeat.com/2011/06/18/take-twos-karl-slatoff-wont-rush-blockbuster-video-games-out-the-door/]VentureBeat[/surl], Karl Slatoff (Executive Vice President and COO at Take-Two Interactive) has added his voice to the chorus.

We are not a big believer in straight ports in general. For us it’s more about developing for the specific capability of each machine. We focus on what the platform brings to bear. For us, if you are really going to do good job, look at the platform itself, analyze the capabilities and develop your game to take advantage of those capabilities and that is the best way to address that audience.

Slatoff is actually “interested” in learning more about what the Wii U has to offer, and is particularly intrigued by the fact this is Nintendo‘s first real foray into HD.

We haven’t announced any specific support for Wii U at this point, but anytime you’ve got a new platform that could garner a significant audience, then we would be interested. It is an HD platform that has the processing power to develop a compelling triple experience. If it takes hold of the market, that is good for us. So from that perspective, we are very excited about that. Again we haven’t announced any support for it but obviously we have a great relationship with Nintendo, and we will be looking at the Wii U.

So this doesn’t necessarily rule out the Wii U version of L.A. Noire that everybody is clamouring for (use the tablet as your notebook!), but it does suggest that if it does happen, it will be a specifically re-designed interpretation of the game to suit the platform perfectly.

L.A. Noire notebook

A Wii U notebook in the palm of your hand?

…it does, of course, also suggest that if the rumour of a Nintendo-based GTA5 comes to light, then it’ll be something that uses the Wii U’s unusual hardware combination to good effect. That’s reassuring, too.

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