Valve designing its own F2P title for Steam

Last week, Valve announced that free-to-play titles would be coming to Steam, a move that seemed somewhat inevitable, but was still a pleasant surprise.

DOTA 2 - Lina

DOTA 2 - free-to-play?

(In some parts of the world, F2P games are making more money than their subscription-based counterparts, and even though the contract terms are controversial, Valve are taking “a percentage” of each microtransaction that takes place on its servers.)

Now, we’ve learned that the company may have had its own ulterior motives. Head of Marketing at Valve, Doug Lombardi, has apparently stated that development is moving ahead on a title that features a microtransaction revenue model. Honestly, while this is a pleasant surprise, it too is somewhat inevitable.

While he remained tightlipped on just what that game was, current speculation has its sights set firmly on eagerly-anticipated DOTA 2. It’s one of the few games Valve has announced and is working on in-house, and – as a sequel to a Warcraft III mod, it’s a game that would fill the niche quite nicely.

Thanks for the heads up, [surl=]Barre de Vie[/surl] (in French).

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