5 Interview: Batman: Arkham City

When Rocksteady Studios finished work on Batman: Arkham Asylum back in February 2009, the team wasted no time in hopping straight into the sequel. More than two years later, and Batman: Arkham City is shaping up for an October release, and while the first game was a success, this new one looks bigger and better and even more Batman than the original.

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With an open-world map more than five times bigger than its predecessor, Arkham City has plenty of room to move, and more than enough locations for villains and baddies to hide. Various parts of the city have been taken over by individual villains, and the art team has – literally – gone to town making sure that each turf zone is distinct from the last. We’re excited to see the new-look Penguin’s personal taste in homewares.

We caught up with Dax Ginn, the game’s marketing manager (and potentially a bit of a villain himself), while at E3, to find out what – other than playable Catwoman – he’s most excited about with this return to Arkham City.

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