5 Parrot's AR.Drone spreads its wings

At last year’s E3, French company Parrot revealed its AR.Drone. It’s a flying machine – a quadricopter – and instead of a traditional radio control unit, you can pilot the aircraft using your mobile phone. Until recently, the technology was only available for iOS, but a recent update has seen the doors opened for Android smartphones, Samsung’s Bada, and Nokia handsets.

We caught up with Parrot‘s Vice President of Marketing & Communication, Cristina Sanz, while at E3 2011, to chat about what’s new for the company. She told us all about the developers that are using the AR.Drone technology, how the app and the Drone works, and a little bit about what’s coming up in the future.

To recap – there are plenty more games on the way, including the single- or multiplayer racer AR.Race, which lets you navigate the inflatable pylons and donuts like you see in the video.

Almost more exciting than the new games is the new competition which Parrot has set up – the AR.Drone Challenges kick off on June 24th. Gamers from all over the world will compete in three challenges – and the best will be sent to Paris in October to find the world’s #1 AR.Drone pilot!

Parrot's AR.Race

Parrot's AR.Race

For more information, or to sign up, head to [surl=http://www.ardrone.com]ARDrone.com[/surl] and register your interest, then mark these dates in your calendar for the AR.Drone Challenge:

June 24th: first challenge
July 8th: second challenge
July 22th: third challenge
August 14th: end of the competition
August 26th: announcement of 14 finalists
October 1st: grand final in Paris

All of the AR.Drone software is available now on the App Store for iOS, or the equivalent Android / Symbian marketplaces.

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