5 Interview: Reality Fighter

We got our grubby paws on Sony‘s new PlayStation Vita at E3, and checked out a couple of games designed for the platform- the first one is shiny, new, and full of potential. It’s called Reality Fighter, and before we took a look at it, we didn’t know quite what to expect.

Reality Fighter

Reality Fighter

Fortunately, John McLaughlin from Xdev Studio was there to help us out, and explain just how Reality Fighter isn’t just your usual brawler. It uses just about every element of the Vita‘s hardware – both cameras, the touch pads, the gyro – and smooshes real people (and real locations) into the video game.

We got a quick chance to try this one out on the Vita, and I’m pleased to report that my half-angel, half-dragon ballerina fighter took out John’s much more sensibly designed brawler. Goes to show that looks aren’t everything, and it’s amazing what you can do with a feather duster and a hamster wheel!

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