5 Interview: Forth Dimension Displays

Gaming technology is being used for all sorts of non-gaming purposes, these days. We’ve seen touch-screens used for cookbooks, motion-sensing controllers implemented into medical applications, and consoles used as super-computers.

Forth Dimension Displays

On show at E3

What we haven’t seen so much of, however, is technology going the other way. Forth Dimension Displays are looking to buck that trend. The British company is the world’s leading supplier of very high-res near-to-eye (NTE) microdisplays, which are predominantly used in things like neurosurgical microscopes and other super-high-tech medical gadgets, as well as in the military training environment. Now though, ForthDD has set its sights on video games, through a fully-immersive entertainment experience called Replicating Reality.

It’s a brand new concept designed to create a fully immersive experience for gameplay, a headset complete with microdisplay monitors showing a 3D environment. At E3, the technology was being used to run a racing game (also utilising a steering wheel / pedal set up), but Greg Truman, CEO of ForthDD, explained that he hoped Replicating Reality would be picked up by other genres – from FPS to RPG and everything in between.

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