RealRacing 2 HD goes wireless with AirPlay

Last week wasn’t just E3 – many software developers and Apple fanboys were paying attention to San Francisco rather than Los Angeles. It was, of course, time for the company’s annual World Wide Developer Conference, and while most of the focus was on things like iOS 5 and new versions of beloved software, one or two interesting tidbits about video games slipped out as well, and – of course – Australia’s Firemint were all over the new announcements.

AirPlay is an intriguing bit of wireless technology which will let you stream content from your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) directly to your HDTV using Apple TV. “Content” in this situation means movies, music, photos, certain websites and even video games.

…you can see why Firemint are excited. This new gear means that “nothing will stand between” you and Real Racing 2 HD, on the big screen.

Real Racing 2 HD using Airplay

Real Racing 2 HD

Currently, the game features dual-screen technology, with the help of an HDMI cable (and adapter) plugged into both the iDevice and the television. When it was first announced, this feature was amazing, innovative and a clever use of the technology. But it was bulky, with the adapter plugged into the tablet, and the cable acting like an umbilical cord between the device and the display.

Now though, it’s gone totally wireless, with Real Racing 2 HD providing one of the most liberating, immersive racing experiences ever. Your tv will show a full-screen, totally borderless display (featuring amazing 3D graphics), while your iPad acts as a steering wheel, showing real-time racing telemetry – and nothing physically connecting the two.

This all kicks off when the technology arrives next month, so you’d better get practising with Real Racing 2 HD. “Don’t be left on the starting grid!” warns Firemint.

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