5 Payday: The Heist Shaping Up

Amid the remakes, sequels and blockbusters, the upcoming downloadable game, Payday: The Heist still managed to pique my interest at E3. The cooperative multiplayer FPS will allow teams to engage in bank robbery style missions, with six scenarios and promised replayability.

The cooperative multiplay genre is one fraught with risks, but one that also has massive payoffs. It is far too soon to see if the game will hit the right mix, but the premise seems remarkably promising.

The game will feature a character progression tree, randomisation, hostage trading, and

Dynamic, adaptive environments combined with non-scripted enemy behavior, shifting entry points, FBI agents repelling down on ropes through the skylights, SWAT teams crashing through the windows or special units crawling through the ventilation shafts makes play-through of every heist a unique fight.

For the bloody and wilful murder of police officers and hostages, the game has already been called ‘tasteless beyond all reckoning.’ But, on the other hand, who cares?

The game will be available for PS3 and PC.


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