Hackers Arrested for PSN Attack

Spanish police announced today that they have arrested three hackers they suspect of being responsible for the attacks on the Playstation Network in May. The attacks compromised the personal and financial details of seventy seven million users. Much worse, 1337s were denied the ability to pwn n00bs for twenty-three days while the network was down.

The Technological Investigation Brigade of the National Police investigated the trio after several DDoS attacks upon the Spanish government, believed to be orchestrated by Anonymous. The hackers, reportedly, were using sophisticated methods to avoid detection, running encryption software and using hacked wifi to connect to the Internet and cover their tracks. Police had to wade through two million lines of logs to track down the group.

Anonymous has denied responsibility for the PSN attack, but this doesn’t mean individual members couldn’t have carried it out.

It remains to be seen how connected the trio are to Anonymous, how great of a role they had in the PSN attacks and, finally, whether they are guilty.

The three have been released without bail and face up to three years in jail if convicted.

Police display a Guy Fawkes mask found at the scene.

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