5 Carrier Command Not Forgotten

Amid the mess of big budget titles presented at E3, it could be easy to miss Carrier Command: Gaea Mission. This is particularly true since barely a mention has been heard of the game since 2009. However, a new E3 trailer has been released, proof that it is still under development by Bohemia Interactive, the evil geniuses behind the ARMA series.

Carrier Command

It’s yet another reimagining, this time of 1988’s Carrier Command, a game that combined RTS elements half a decade before they were popular, and 3d graphics a decade before accelerators were widely available.

From these first looks, the game seems a faithful recreation. If this is the case, expect to captain an advanced aircraft carrier, using your finite resources to capture islands by commanding aircraft and amphibious vehicles. In the original game, the player could take direct control of any unit, piloting it from a first person perspective. It was an addictive mix of strategy, tactics, and action.

While I have fond memories playing the original on my Atari ST, and have always wished for a more accessible remake, it seems unlikely that many original fans are around after a twenty-three year hiatus.

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