Why Australia "banned" Dead or Alive:Dimensions

The eyes of the gaming world might have all been on Los Angeles this week, but that doesn’t mean things haven’t stopped happening in other parts of the world.

Dead or Alive: Dimensions Box Art

(I refuse to post the pterodactyl image)

We’ve just received word that Dead or Alive: Dimensions has just had its classification revoked in Australia – making the once-PG game now effectively banned until it can be reclassified. The DS game was already the topic of controversy in the mainstream media, after Scandinavian censors announced they felt the game featured child pornography, as two of the main characters are just 16. In the Australian version of the game, any girl who is given an age is 18+, while those who are labelled younger overseas are simply left ageless.

An official statement from a Classification Board spokesperson explains:

The Classification Board today revoked the classification of the computer game Dead or Alive: Dimensions.

This game was classified PG (Parental Guidance) on 8 February 2011 with consumer advice ‘mild violence and sexualized gameplay’. Information provided to the Board last week suggested that the game contained content not drawn to the Board’s attention in the original classification application.

After considering the response to a show cause notice issued last Thursday (June 2), the Board made the revocation decision.

Dead or Alive: Dimensions is now unclassified and cannot be sold in Australia unless it is re-submitted for classification.

Dead Or Alive: Dimensions - Revoked Classification

The Classification Board's revoked decision

According to local publisher Nintendo, it’s not their fault. The company explains that the blame rests on the head of mainstream media, who alerted the Classification Board that there was something wrong.

The publisher also pointed the finger at THQ, as that was the company originally slated to bring Tecmo‘s title to Australia.

“In relation to why Dead or Alive Dimensions has had its classification revoked, THQ had already submitted the game for classification by the time we decided to take over distribution, and they hadn’t provided adequate information for the classification.

“Nintendo has now submitted a new classification. The game has not been banned, it will receive a new classification as soon as the Classification Board process the new classification.

“Dead or Alive Dimensions will not be on-sale until it has been reclassified.”

[img_big]center,7401,2011-06-09/61357_bs_doa_e_69_tif_jpgcopy.jpg,Dead or Alive: Dimensions[/img_big]

…despite Nintendo‘s statement, Dead Or Alive: Dimensions is currently considered Refused Classification in Australia and is therefore banned from sale or display in many states.

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