5 Jack Tretton and the elephant

Sony’s pre-E3 media briefing is, of course, a chance for the company to redeem themselves. To his credit, President and CEO of Sony Online Entertainment Jack Tretton addresses the issue immediately. “This isn’t the first time I’ve come to the stage with an elephant in the room.”

This time, the elephant takes the form of the month-long PlayStation Network outage, which affected nearly 80 million gamers around the world.

He takes the opportunity to apologise to the third-party developers, who have still supported the brand despite the downtime. He also extends his thanks to the retailers who kept the games on the shelves “when there was on PlayStation brand”.

Finally, he apologises to the fans, who were unable to play their games for more than a month.

The system has recovered to an extend that network traffic is currently at 90% of where it was before “the incident”, something which Tretton explains is filling everybody involved with confidence.

The cynic in me, however, can’t help but notice that he doesn’t speak of the future, doesn’t make any impossible promises, and doesn’t mention the many and complex plans in place to prevent it from happening again.

playerattack is currently in Los Angeles at E3, watching the Sony press conference and bringing you news as it happens.

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