5 Team Ico HD Collection release date

For all the new titles, sequels and console news that has been announced so far during E3, I have been wanting to hear more about two older games. Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are two of my favourite games that I still play to this day and Team ICO have finally announced a release date of the HD remakes for Japan!

From an announcement video that compares the games to their previous counter parts and showing off all the lovely widescreen and HD graphics that we have waited so long for. The trailer also shows a date, 22/9/2011, as well as a collection with a box and art book. Hopefully this pack will be available to the world, otherwise I need a friend in Japan to get me this collection.

With this announcement will we finally get a chance to hear more about The Last Guardian and possibly a release date? Bring on the rest of E3 2011!

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