Who needs a real pet? Meet Wappy Dog!

Move over, Nintendogs, there’s a new puppy in town, and she’s moving in on your turf. Activision has just announced Wappy Dog, a toy puppy you can hold in your hands and control with your Nintendo DS. And, um, she’s kinda awesome.

Wappy Dog isn’t just a cute gimmick (although it certainly is a cute gimmick) – it’s actually been designed to teach young gamers to “raise their very own puppy” in both the real world and the virtual one. You’ll be able to play mini-games, teach your puppy cool tricks, and even chat with it! Well, sort of, anyway.

Customise the in-game version as well as the physical dog, and make your puppy fully personalised with all sorts of accessories. The pet’s personality responds to the way you interact with it – and you’ll also affect their skills and their happiness. Keep that in mind when you communicate with Wappy through the DS!

Promising to be “just like a real pet”, Wappy will wag its tail, perform tricks and respond to you by barking or moving around. And, um, it will sing and dance, too.

The dog itself has been developed by SEGA Toys, but David Oxford from Activision Publishing explains that the publisher just had to take it home.

We were excited about Wappy Dog from the moment we saw it.

This one-of-a-kind toy and video game combines a strong emotional bond and exciting virtual experience with the interaction of a physical pet. Wappy Dog is a truly innovative next generation toy and video game that gives kids an instant companion.

[img_big]center,8027,2011-06-02/WappyDog_Image.jpg,Meet Wappy![/img_big]

You won’t need to be near the puppy all the time either – there’s a sort of Tamagotchi “Travel Mode” where you will be able to care for your virtual pet even if you’ve left the dog at home. When you catch up next time, the progress will transfer instantly and your old dog will learn your new tricks!

Unlike a real dog, Wappy can sing and moonwalk, and how she’s feeling is reflected in the colour of her cheeks. Unhappy Wappy tends to get a bit stubborn, so it’s important to keep her happy all the time.

Now, I know I’m not necessarily the target market for this one, but you have to admit, it is several different types of awesome. On the down-side though, I can see real dogs around the world being abandoned for this blue-and-white anime-eyed robot… (but it’s so cuuuuute!)

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