Xbox LIVE grudge sees SWAT called over hoax

Online gaming is serious business, as we’ve discussed before. While on one hand it’s good to see the authorities reacting to in-game threats, a recent case in the United States has also highlighted how easy it is to fool the police.

Police spokesperson Melinda McLaughlin explains that on Monday night, local Eugene police responded to a “startling” confession on the 911 emergency line. The caller claimed that he had just shot his father, and was preparing to kill himself. Fourteen police officers rushed to the location in response, but left soon after, confirming the reported murder-suicide was just a hoax.

Who would fake such a major crime? …and what does this have to do with gaming?
Well. According to local media, investigators are currently looking into Xbox LIVE as the source of the drama.


FortressCraft, "inspired" by MineCraft

The 26-year old man who lived at the apartment allegedly “squabbled” with the offender while playing FortressCraft, refusing to hand over content he had created.

Police believe the 911 caller had somehow found the man’s real name and personal details, and used them against him in an act of retaliation. The authorities now consider the 26-year old apartment resident is a victim of crime.

The major problem? They can’t tell where the call originated, or who originally placed it.

The victim (who refused to be named) believes the caller did not act alone, and has “begun his own investigation” into the matter. He claims to not know how his personal information was compromised, but explains that his suspected cyber-attacker had gloated about how anybody’s name and address could be found on the internet.

When police arrived, the victim – and his girlfriend – were detained and handcuffed while officers searched the residence to clear it of any crime. Despite the intrusion, the victim said he was “pleased” with the way the issue was handled.

He’s less pleased with the fact that – in the days since the incident – his email and online video accounts seem to have been hacked.

Source: The Register-Guard

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