5 A trio of titles from PixelJunk creator

Indie titles will not be forgotten in the whirlwind that is E3 – as Dylan Cuthbert, CEO of PixelJunk creator Q-Games has confirmed. The decade-old indie dev is bringing not one, but three titles to the convention, and he’s awfully pleased.


What are they plotting?

According to [surl=https://twitter.com/dylancuthbert/status/75426351603134464]Twitter[/surl]:

E3 coming up… it’s exciting! Three of our games are at the show! That has to be some kind of record for a small company like Q right?

Amid the inevitable flood of questions that followed, Cuthbert confirmed that while one game would be the PlayStation Move-enabled music game PixelJunk Lifelike, the other two are mysteries.

Obviously, the PixelJunk brand is a Sony thing now, but before that, Q-Games was firmly associated with Nintendo (Cuthbert actually co-developed the classic Star Fox, back in the day). So while we know that one game is for PS3, the other two could be for almost anything else. 3DS? Project Cafe? We’ll see – E3 kicks off on June 7th, and playerattack will be there to bring you all the latest news.

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