Fusion: Microsoft's new trio of trademarks

It’s becoming very difficult to keep a secret these days, just ask Microsoft. Following the recent outing of Fusion: Genesis thanks to a couple of international ratings boards, we expected the company to keep super-quiet on the topic.

Microsoft Game Studios

...just what are they plotting now?

But no! Microsoft has gone ahead and registered another couple of trademarks, all centring on a particular theme, and all very mysterious.

Fusion: Genesis has been outed as an XBLA title (thanks, Brazil), but fansite [surl=http://zunited.net/2011/05/is-fusion-the-next-generation-xbox-kinect-or-just-a-gaming-trilogy/]Zunited[/surl] has also found trademarks for Fusion Vault and Fusion Sentient, each one listed as “Entertainment services, namely, providing an on-line computer game.”

These were all registered in late March, and speculation is now running riot about what exactly they might be referring to. The “safe” option is that they are a gaming trilogy, possibly for Kinect, with Genesis the first release. Alternatively, there’s only one game and these are possible titles for it.

A third option is lurking somewhere in left-field, which is that “Fusion” is something to do with the next Xbox console.

Either way, we’re hoping to find out more at E3 next week, which kicks off on Monday with a hefty Microsoft press event we’ll be attending!

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