APB Reloaded beta is a "smashing success"

APB Reloaded finally entered open beta last week (not without a few stumbles along the way), and Reloaded Productions are calling the event a “smashing success”.

[img_big]center,7332,2011-03-07/APB-Reloaded-1.jpg,The mean streets of San Paro[/img_big]

In a [surl=]lengthy blog post[/surl], Bjorn/TechMech explained that the game has seen a peak concurrent player figure (Peak CCU) of “just under 24,000”, and that the average gamer is spending “well over” three hours in the game each time they play. Incidentally, the game is much more popular in Europe than in the United States, with “WELL over” 12,000 PCCU in Europe.

Daily totals put more than four times that number of players logging into the game each 24 hours.

To put that in some perspective with some of the great games out there (some F2P, some subscription); Eve Online announced back in 2007 that they had reached 35,000 peak CCU, which was 4 years after the game was released. World of Tanks announced in April this year that their PCCU reached 25,000 after a year of Beta testing. Nexon announced that Combat Arms beta had reached 12,000 PCCU in Europe in their open beta running for 10 months from December 2008 to September 2009.

…and APB Reloaded has done it all in just six days.

The game’s expected to launch properly in the coming months.

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