Polish PM presents Obama with The Witcher 2

I’d like to think that when the Leader of the Free World has some downtime, that he spends it hunched over a glowing screen playing video games. But not, y’know, games where he blows people up – that’s a little close to real-life. Instead, I like to think of the Commander-in-Chief as being a secret RPG fan, and it seems that the Polish government has a similar theory.

As part of his recent European tour, U.S. President Barack Obama dropped in on Poland to see how things were going in the new-found democracy (he called the nation an “inspiration” for the struggling democracies in the Middle East). While he was there, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk gave him a whole bunch of locally-significant gifts. Among them – an iPad pre-loaded with Polish films, a pen, and a Collector’s Edition version of The Witcher 2

Barack Obama and Donald Tusk in Poland

Barack Obama and Donald Tusk in Poland

And why not? The Witcher 2 is based on a series of novels by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski, and it was developed in Poland, so it’s something the locals are (understandably) pretty proud of.

Still, I can’t really imagine President Obama returning the favour and handing out copies of Gears of War or World of Warcraft, despite those games being proudly American-made. I guess they do things differently in Europe.

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