Indie Terraria sells 200k copies in 9 days

How many sales does it take to be a Steam best-seller?

We’ve spoken a little bit about Terraria, the game that came seemingly from out of nowhere to take the Steam charts by storm, and now we’ve got a few numbers to back up just how quickly it catapulted its way to the top.


Terraria might seem a little familiar to fans of Minecraft, the new indie game – and it was that similarity (real or imagined) that caused news of the game to spread rapidly by word of mouth.

Now, the game has sold more than 200,000 copies in its first nine days of sale.

Described by fans as a sort of hybrid blend of Minecraft and Castlevania, Terraria appeals to the current trend of games that go back to their roots, break things down and take a charmingly simple approach to development.

The game was developed by four guys calling themselves Re-Logic, and they’re currently looking into an Xbox 360 port of the game, as well as a version for iOS.

Whether or not Terraria really did ride in, piggybacked on someone else’s success isn’t really the point. The point here is that an indie game, from first-time developers, managed to outsell games like Portal 2 and The Witcher 2 over the same time period, and that is quite awesome indeed.

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