Star Wars artist joins Respawn for debut

While you might expect “the man who created Darth Maul” to work on a Star Wars-type game, Iain McCaig’s transition into the video games industry hasn’t been quite as obvious. Instead, he’s worked on three James Bond titles, The Secret of Monkey Island and “numerous” other projects. Now, though, he’s signed up with Respawn Entertainment, the new studio created by Vince Zampella and Jason West, former Infinity Ward head honchos.

Darth Maul concept art by Iain McCaig

Darth Maul

He’s said to be working on the company’s new (and top secret) debut project, bringing a little artistic flair (and a hefty CV) to the title.

McCaig is the man responsible for the original character concepts on the Star Wars prequel trilogy – he created designs for both Darth Maul and Queen Amidala, among others.

Now though, he’s moved his sights to other things, telling [surl=]Develop[/surl] that “half” of his current to-do list involves working with games companies. Working with Respawn apparently is “the most exhilarating experience I’ve ever had in my career”.

“Whether it’s military games or things set in space, it doesn’t matter, my huge burning passion is in designing people.”

If you’re at the [surl=]Develop Conference[/surl] in July, expect to hear a lot more from Mr. McCaig – he’s due to give a keynote address on the topic of art design – and I’d anticipate hearing a few bits and pieces about the “concept design job” he’s doing for Respawn in the coming months.

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