Get Trenched by Double Fine, June 22nd

…no, that’s not an insult. It’s an order – to pick up the latest game from Double Fine Productions when it’s released late next month! Get your manly affairs in order and prepare to get Trenched.

Brad Muir, Project lead on Trenched knows where it’s at:

You’re probably not even reading this part of the press release right now because we sent a video along with it. And honestly that’s fine; the video has all the information you need. Except the price. Oh crap we forgot to put that in the video. Ok I’ll just say it right here. It’s 1200 Microsoft Points. Did you get that? Maybe we should make that bold if you’re going to have it in a quote like this.”

Get that? 1200 Microsoft Points.

Seriously though, Muir is “super excited” to be bringing a game like Trenched into the wild – he’s always loved co-op titles and this mech shooter / tower defense game fits the bill perfectly. Mark your calendars.

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