DS court room comedy headed to the big screen

Takashi Miike

Takashi Miike

In Cannes this week, Japanese director Takashi Miike has revealed that he is adapting a Nintendo DS “court drama” video game, turning it into a “light comedy” project. While no names have been mentioned just yet, the citizen under suspicion is, of course, Phoenix Wright and the Ace Attorney series, news that has set the internet abuzz.

It’s an unusual combination. Miike has created some of the most disturbing films we’ve seen in years (see: Ichi the Killer, if you really must know). He’s also lent his talents to some more “family-friendly”, light-hearted fare – but this isn’t necessarily the video game genre we’d anticipated him turning to.

Miike has confirmed to the [surl=http://www.huffingtonpost.com/karin-badt/cannes-2011-takashi-miike_b_865188.html]Huffington Post[/surl] that his next project will feature “little blood” (again, a departure from the norm – and a great leap from his current film, the uber-violent, 3D Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai.

[img_big]center,4317,2010-11-20/gs2_09_bmp_jpgcopy.jpg,Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice For All[/img_big]

The Ace Attorney series is known as Gyakuten Saiban in Japan. It’s a unique beast, setting players to work as a defense attorney in the court system, interrogating suspects and investigating clues. We’re not sure quite how it will translate to the big screen (or even if it is the game Miike is working on), but we’re a little bit intrigued.

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