Ms. Splosion Man invites you to her closed beta

Want to meet Ms. Splosion Man? Developer Twisted Pixel is currently looking for 10,000 beta testers to help make sure that she – and her game – is as fabulous as possible.

Ms. Splosion Man


If you’re interested (which of course you are), and you meet a couple of very basic criteria, head over to the [surl=]Microsoft Connect website[/surl] and sign up. You’ll need an Xbox 360, obviously, but also an Xbox Live Gold account and the ability and willingness to submit extensive feedback, bug reports and other fun stuff.

And hop to it! The Ms. Splosion Man Beta kicks off on June 6th and runs for about three weeks, closing on June 26th. Beta sign-up access has already started and will continue until June 12th. The more the merrier, and the focus is all about online play.

This is an unusual step for an Xbox Live Arcade title, so Twisted Pixel are particularly pleased they are able to offer the service.

The point of this early access program is to gain your feedback on how we can better your online gaming experience, so speak up. Your voice will be heard and feedback taken into consideration. Thanks so much for being such passionate fans. We really appreciate you taking the time to help us out. Hope you like the game!

…you’ll get to test out two different multiplayer levels each week, so play early, play often, and enjoy new game elements such as 2 Girls 1 Controller mode, which allows gamers to control two characters with just the one joystick. Of course. Stay classy, Ms. Splosion Man!

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