DEFCON announced as Apple-compatible

Mac gamers! You no longer have to miss out on one of the most fantastic nuclear war games of the past however-long. Introversion Software has officially brought DEFCON to your Apple-branded home computer, via Steam.

This means, if you have bought DEFCON for PC via the digital distribution service in the past, you can now download – and play – the game on your Mac, too.

[img_big]center,1592,2010-11-17/defcon_7.jpg,It’s so beautiful![/img_big]

Right now, DEFCON is still technically in beta, so there might be a few bugs and glitches, but Introversion promises it is ironing out “the last” of them.

The game follows the earlier transitions of Uplink and Darwinia, and the developers would really like to hear your feedback.

We are particularly interested in any system compatability problems – ie the game refusing to run – as well as any Sync Errors. The best way to test quickly for “Sync Compatability” is to join any in-progress game that has a couple of human players or more.

If you experience any dramas – and, actually, if you don’t experience any – please let Introversion know.

DEFCON really defies description, bringing an all-new strategic, tactical experience to the table. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you now have no excuse – plus, it’s only $9.99 on Steam!

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