SNES controller hack: Bluetooth Android gaming

We’ve covered alternative controllers for mobile gaming before, but there’s always room for more. How about a hacked SNES controller that can play games on your Android device?

It can be done! Even better, the buttons can be remapped to use any key on the device’s keyboard, so if you’re not up for playing classic Nintendo titles, a few simple tweaks will enable the controller for any game you’d like – no matter how recent they might be.

As usual, there’s an Arduino tucked away back there, a Pro Mini 328 translates the signals from the controller, then uses a BlueSMiRF Gold module to transmit them to the phone. Sounds a bit complicated, but both elements – and a battery – have been hidden inside and behind the controller, which means it’s still a two-gadget affair.

Creator Rich Degenhardt says the controller has a 20+ hour battery life, and it was created as part of a senior design project. For him, the beauty of this particular solution, compared to many that are currently doing the rounds, is that his creation doesn’t require the Android device to be rooted before pairing.

An early dev board version of the Android Bluetooth Controller

An early dev board version of the Android Bluetooth Controller

Want to build one yourself? You’ll need an Android device with games, a SNES / generic controller, a few soldering skills, general circuits knowledge, programming experience and [surl=]this handy tutorial[/surl].

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