Xbox Australia/NZ gives away 100,000 MS Points

Xbox Australia and New Zealand has just collected 100,000 likes on Facebook – and to celebrate, the company is giving away 100,000 MS Points. All at once, to one lucky gamer.

Xbox Australia New Zealand

Could it be you?

And it’s surprisingly simple to enter yourself into the draw, too – all you need to do is head to [surl=]the page[/surl], hit the “Like” button (if you haven’t already), and then explain in 100 words or less what exactly you’d get up to with 100,000 MS Points.

We’re not sure quite what Microsoft will use your email address for – probably marketing material of some sort – and tempting you to ‘like’ the page is a bit cheeky – but you can always unsubscribe and un-like the page later, if that sort of thing bothers you.

Honestly though, it’s probably worth sticking around – there’s quizzes and giveaways and information about game specials – and when you do win the 100,000 MS Points, don’t you think you should say thank you properly?

For more information and the ability to enter, head to the [surl=]Xbox Australia and New Zealand[/surl] facebook page, and head to the Xbox 100k Celebration link.

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