Report: PlayStation Store back online, May 24th

A leaked memo has outed Sony‘s plans to bring the PlayStation Store back online on May 24th. Sent to various publishing partners, the document includes a schedule of when various games and other content will return online following the attack that caused the PlayStation Network to be closed down last month.

PlayStation Store on PSP

Coming soon to PSP and PS3

You can expect four content updates over the next two weeks, if the memo is to be believed – part of the publisher’s plans on reducing backlog and catching up.

Sony content manager Jack Osorno explains:

We thank you for your patience as we work to resume service of the PlayStation Store.

If there are concerns, we are willing to consider adjusting the release date of your content on this schedule. Adjustments will be made on a case by case basis.

So the plan, as we understand it, will see content originally scheduled for April 26th posted on the Store on May 24th, followed by May 3rd content on May 27th. Over the next week – May 31st and June 3rd – you’ll see the content originally planned for a three week period.

This all ties in with the FAQ Sony released earlier this week, which explained users would be given multiple PS Store updates including items like Under Siege and the demo of MotorStorm Apocalypse.

At this stage though, it’s not known whether Sony are planning on compensating publishers or developers for any monetary losses they may have incurred.

It looks like the company is on track to restore full services by the end of May, barring any more major incidents…

Source: [surl=]Gamasutra[/surl]

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