War on Wheels: Break out the NES (and the skates)

Roller derby is enjoying a resurgence around the world, so it’s only natural that a roller derby-themed video game should also enjoy some of the spotlight. More than 20 years since its inital reveal, Jaleco‘s War on Wheels is featured in a limited run of reproduction cartridges, thanks to [surl=http://www.thenesdump.com/New%20Website/war%20on%20wheels.htm]The NES Dump[/surl].

War On Wheels - Box Art

This is what you want, right?

…note: reveal, not release. War on Wheels was never actually published anywhere in the world, denying derby girls (and boys) of the “skatefighting” sim they so dearly craved. Somehow, The NES Dump has gotten its hands on a prototype for the game, reproduced it and packaged it all up just like a new one. The game is completely playable, and just as Sculptured Software intended it – they’re the guys behind the Super Star Wars series on SNES, by the way.

Wanna know what it’s like? Here you go – the Atlanta Arsenic battling it out vs. the L.A. Illegals!

Picking up this collector’s edition will snag you a box complete with War on Worlds‘ pre-production cover art (numbered of course), and a 10-page instruction manual to help you figure the game out.

Sounds interesting, huh?
Head to [surl=http://www.thenesdump.com/New%20Website/war%20on%20wheels.htm]The NES Dump[/surl] for more information on War on Wheels, including ordering details.

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