Bioware developer reveals Dragon Age III

If you didn’t figure that Bioware were secretly working on Dragon Age III, you haven’t been paying enough attention. Sure, we don’t know much about it, but thanks to a tweet from developer Alistair McNally, we do know that it exists – and that’s the important bit.

Dragon Age II

Dragon Age II

Mr. McNally updated his [surl=]Twitter[/surl] account with the following:

I’m looking for exceptional environment artists to join me at #BioWare Edmonton, Canada to work on #DragonAge3 #gamejobs #jobs #3D #artists

Typically, this sort of revelation is quickly followed by a deletion, a denial or some other suggestion that the employee has been running off at the mouth, but not this time.

Instead, McNally’s tweet was reposted by [surl=]@truffle[/surl], better known as Christina Norman, who is currently working on the Mass Effect team.

It’s still not a press release or a title announcement, it’s not a picture, and it’s not what we’d conventionally call “official”, but we’re taking this one as pretty significant confirmation that Dragon Age is getting another franchise, and BioWare are hoping good things come in threes.

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