NBA 2K11 predicts NBA Playoffs outcome

In case you’re paying attention to the NBA Playoffs, you should probably look away now. 2K Sports has run a simulation of the remaining rounds on NBA 2K11, and found out who will win. And, as you can’t argue with a video game, this post comes with a spoiler tag.

Michael Jordan

The man himself

The Chicago Bulls will defeat the Dallas Mavericks in seven games. They’re not just saying that because Michael Jordan’s on the cover, either.

According to the simulatiou, Dallas and Chicago will win seven-game series against Oklahoma City and Miami respectively before facing off in the Finals.

Chicago stumbles early in the Finals, as Dallas comfortably hold a two-game lead – but then the Bulls turn it around and trounce the Mavericks.

Right now, this very well could happen. Dallas is one-up on Oklahoma, while Chicago and Miami are one game apiece.

I’ve got another prediction for you too – when 2K11‘s simulation turns out to be exactly the way the actual series pans out, 2K Sports will gloat. A lot. And we will question the need for “real” sport, when – obviously – video games have passed the Turing test.

(For more information and a whole lot of basketball chat I simply do not understand, head to [surl=]Kotaku[/surl].)

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