APB: Reloaded open beta delayed

This week was supposed to herald the triumphant return of APB: Reloaded, scheduled to enter open beta. But, in what is hopefully the only major setback for the fledgeling MMO, a “player disconnection issue” has delayed the game’s official relaunch.

The problem, which has popped up in the past few days, has caused groups of players to be disconnected after one to two hours of gameplay – something that is “clearly not acceptable” in an open beta.

[img_big]center,7332,2011-03-07/APB-Reloaded-6.jpg,APB Reloaded[/img_big]

GamersFirst spokesperson Bjorn/TechMech has posted on [surl=http://apbreloaded.blogspot.com/2011/05/open-beta-on-temporary-hold-while-we.html]the game’s blog[/surl] that

We are clearly disappointed that this afternoon’s public launch has been put temporarily on hold, but in the end we strongly believe that first addressing this issue is the most critical and important step we can take as a development team.

The job has now fallen to the Closed Beta testers to try out this afternoon’s patch 84, to see if that fixes the issue. If it has, then Open Beta! Full steam ahead! …if not, then we’ll try 85.

APB: Reloaded has been in closed beta since February. The game is a resurrected version of the world’s shortest-lived MMO, which survived in the wild for a mere 80 days.

Here’s hoping that this setback isn’t a foretelling of doom for the new version, too!

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