200 million Angry Birds now in the wild

Rovio‘s Mighty Eagle, Peter Vesterbaacka, is the first to admit that the company failed when it predicted last year that Angry Birds would be downloaded 100 million times by mid-2011.

…instead, it’s been downloaded 200 million times, as Vesterbaacka announced at the Next11 Conference in Berlin.

Angry Birds

Bursting onto everything with a screen

In a conversation with [surl=http://techcrunch.com/2011/05/18/angry-birds-tops-200-million-downloads-more-than-double-its-crazy-forecast-tctv/]TechCrunch[/surl], it was also revealed that the game’s catapult to Chrome hasn’t hurt that figure, with more than five million web downloads racked up.

To celebrate the game’s Chrome launch, Rovio even set up a real-world Angry Birds level in the middle of a Spanish mall in Terrassa, complete with a live band. Take a look:

The game itself is available on pretty much every single platform known to man, with some others we possibly don’t know about yet, so the enormous number isn’t really surprising. But it’s still a whopping figure – and an inspiration for game developers and entrepreneurs not to give up. Rovio created more than 50 games before stumbling across the famous birds and “misunderstood” piggies – and now look at where they’ve taken the company.

And yes, Vesterbacka has mentioned that the “entertainment platform” that is Angry Birds is “just getting started”. He’s looking into merchandising, movies, animation and even “Angry Birds-oriented location-based services” similar to Foursquare. We’ll be looking out or that one.

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