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Video games music is (generally) pretty great stuff, but (generally) under-recognised by mainstream media. Emily Reese, a DJ at Minnesota Public Radio has decided to do something about that situation, creating the fortnightly radio show “Top Score”. Every two weeks, Emily sits down with a collection of great game music, and – even better – chats to the composer, exploring the inspirations behind the melodies.

Previously, she’s spoken with Inon Zur (Dragon Age II), Jason Graves (Dead Space) and the team from Stacking, and she’s currently preparing to go head to head with BioShock composer Garry Schyman, on May 24th.

Don’t live in the Twin Cities? That’s okay. Top Score is available via the [surl=]MPR website[/surl], or you can subscribe to the podcast on [surl=]iTunes[/surl].


As always, if you’re a fan of Emily’s work – or [surl=]MPR[/surl] in general, please try to donate and show your support.

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