Tell EA how to improve Command & Conquer

Electronic Arts are working on a new Command & Conquer, which we already knew. Back in February, industry veteran Jon Van Caneghem commented that the new project at Victory Games would involve a whole lot of work, updating core technology and the like.

Command & Conquer

...what does the future hold?

It sounds like they’re starting from scratch, and they want to do it right. This week, EA and Victory have started asking questions.

Well, one question, really: What do you think the companies should do to “improve” the franchise?

A section of the game’s forums has been turned into a Community Developer Area, with the idea that ideas will have “enough room to grow to something big!”.

According to a statement:

“The most discussed and loved ideas will be passed on to the developer team, so be sure to bring your idea onto our community table. Maybe it will be your idea, which changes everything!”

Given the response that Command & Conquer 4 received from consumers, we’re thinking this is EA‘s way of getting back on track with the next game. Responses in the forums so far have been interesting – by the looks of things, most gamers simply want Victory Games to go back to the game’s roots and slow things down.

There are currently a handful of suggestions to pretend that C&C4 never existed… does EA really have that power?

We’re expecting to hear more about what we’re anticipating is Command & Conquer 5 in just a few short weeks at E3. ‘Til then, we’ll continue to speculate.

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