Steam's Daily Deals are full of promise, bargains

Just when you thought Steam was already doing a bang-up job of bringing great games directly to your desktop, it announces something that makes the whole deal even sweeter.

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Always worth a look

The brand new “Daily Deals” will see a new 24-hour deal, “every single day”. Keep an eye out at 10am every day to find the latest deal – a cheap game, a new demo, a bonus hat – only Steam really knows what it’ll be including.

Today, it all kicks off with Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, which is on sale for 75% off its usual price. Not bad at all!

In case you’re not in the habit of checking the [surl=]Steam homepage[/surl] every day, you can even get the announcements delivered to you – just hop on social networking and friend the company on [surl=]Facebook[/surl] or [surl=]Twitter[/surl]!

[img_big]center,7350,2011-01-07/OFDR_screenshot_15.jpg,Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising[/img_big]

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