Duke Nukem Forever: Demo out June 3

Last time Randy Pitchford spoke to the gaming public, he wasn’t exactly the bearer of good news – but today he’s back, and Duke Nukem fans around the world should be a little happier with what he has to say.

Firstly, he’d like to reassure everybody:

“The development team has so much passion and commitment, we’re knocking down tasks left and right. It is happening. This game is going to ship.”

…and there you have it. The playable demo for Duke Nukem Forever will be available in just over two weeks, starting June 3rd. That’s for all three platforms – Xbox 360, PS3 and PC (via Steam), so you shouldn’t miss out based on your fanboy tendencies.

However, you might miss out if you’re not in the First Access Club. Make sure you get that sorted out nice and early – you’ve got a couple of options.

The first one is to pick up the Game of the Year Edition of Borderlands, also from Gearbox Software. If you’ve already got your copy, you should already have your First Access information (I hope you didn’t throw it out!).

The second option is slightly more direct, if you’ve already got Borderlands or simply aren’t interested in Claptrap’s story. Head to your local gaming emporium (check in advance that it is a [surl=http://www.dukenukemforever.com/preorder/fulllist.html]participating retailer[/surl]), and plonk down a pre-order for Duke Nukem Forever. Hey presto, you’re in the Club!

[img_big]center,72,2011-05-10/Gonna_Stomp_You.jpg,You’re not seeing double…[/img_big]

Duke Nukem Forever is launching – finally – on June 14th in North America, and June 10th internationally. (We won’t believe it until we see it.)

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