DICE filming mo-cap sequences for BF3

Uppsala, Sweden might not be the first place you’d think of staging a major conflict, but that’s exactly where DICE are shooting motion-capture sequences for Battlefield 3.

The information came via a Greek actor’s group on Facebook, which posted about the event on Reddit. (Goes to show how useful social networking is, right?)

Battlefield 3, Staging Area

Battlefield 3 - currently being filmed, sort of.

The scenes are being directed by Tom Keegan (also casting director), and produced by Lo Wallmo. Described as “Modern Action Videogame seeking Actors for Motion Capture”, ideally, the developers were looking for “male actors with strong acting ability and credits in Film, TV and Theatre”, who could speak English, Russian and Arabic. Roles include Russian Special Agents aged 25-30, American Marines from 20-35, and people who can speak Persian or Farsi, aged 35-60.

If you think you fit the bill, it looks like you’ve missed out on this particular opportunity – auditions were held just over a month ago in London – but it’s still an interesting little insight into how the process works. Some companies are prepared to look a little further than simply hiring Nolan North to do all the work for them.

…it also gives the rumour-mill a little more grist. Where will Battlefield 3 take place that requires Persians and Russians? What about Arabs? Oh so many nationalities… good thing we’ve got a while to mull over this one – Battlefield 3 isn’t due out until later this year.

(Source: VG247)

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