APB creator signs with APB Reloaded developer

APB is notorious for being the “shortest-lived MMO in history”, but it ain’t over yet. Not only has the game been picked up by new developers Reload Productions and publishers GamersFirst, but the game’s original creator, David Jones, has just signed up to work on the new version of the game – APB Reloaded.

[img_big]center,7332,2011-03-07/APB-Reloaded-3.jpg,APB: Reloaded[/img_big]

Jones was one of the designers on the original Grand Theft Auto and his love for gaming hasn’t waned over the years since.

“This game was my passion back when I was developing it with Realtime Worlds, and I’m extremely excited to be able to participate in fulfilling the long term vision for the title.”

APB was released in June 2010, but was shut down two months later, on September 16, as original developer Realtime Worlds entered administration.

GamersFirst picked up the MMO at a bargain price, and announced its intention to re-launch the game under the “Reloaded” label, showcasing what the game could have been.

This time around, it’s using a free-to-play model, rather than subscriptions,

The APB Reloaded beta kicks off in just a few days on May 18th, but if you head over to [surl=http://www.gamersfirst.com/]GamersFirst[/surl], you might be able to sort out some early access, by subscribing to the company newsletter.

[img_big]center,7332,2011-03-07/APB-Reloaded-5.jpg,Character customisation is big in San Paro[/img_big]

Officially, Jones is taking on an “advisory role”, where he can “share his vast game design experience during critical design stages of the ongoing development of APB Reloaded,” says a recent announcement.

He says he’s thrilled about his new role:

“After seeing what the team has done with the game thus far, I’m certain that APB Reloaded will become the title that truly breaks new ground for online game experiences, especially with transition to a free to play model.”

It’s a little confusing for outsiders, however. While Jones does bring an impressive resume to the table (featuring Crackdown as well as GTA), would you really want to hire someone who was (presumably) a key player in the collapse of the game in its original incarnation?

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