Serial killer stages hunger strike over PlayStation

One of Australia’s most notorious serial killers has requested a PlayStation in his cell, so that he can “exercise his mind”. Corrective Services Commissioner Ron Woodham refused, leading backpacker-murderer Ivan Milat to engage on a nine-day hunger strike.

Ivan Milat

Ivan Milat - 1971 mugshot

Milat is currently facing seven consecutive life sentences plus 18 years without parole in the Goulburn Supermax prison in New South Wales, Australia after being found guilty of killing seven people aged 19 to 22. As a protest against not being allowed to play games, he refused all meals starting Tuesday May 3rd. By Thursday, May 12th, his weight had dropped from 85kg to 60kg (a loss of more than 55 pounds), and the prisoner started eating again.

Commissioner Woodham has stated that Milat’s request was “ludicrous”.

“There’s no inmate on my watch who would ever get anything close to a Playstation, particularly Australia’s worst serial killer.”

Milat was carefully monitored throughout his hunger strike, with medics and prison staff on-hand and ready to administer food intravenously to prevent Milat from dying in custody.

The criminal is well known in Australia for his attention-seeking stunts, which have included an escape attempt after just 12 months behind bars, and later swallowing staples, razor blades and other metal objects. The Commissioner doesn’t seem to take the recent incident too seriously:

“I knew he’d start eating again because he likes his food too much. He can stage as many protests as he likes, but there’d be no point if he got one because he needs two hands to use it.”

That last remark is a comment on one of Milat’s previous protests – in January 2009, Milat cut off his little finger with the intention of mailing it to the Australian High Court. Doctors later decided not to reattach the severed digit.

Sony consoles are in high demand behind bars, with prisoners in Scotland rigging a PS3 up to charge cellphones, and a British detention centre inmate with an artistic flair converted an original PlayStation into a tattoo gun.

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