First reviews of L.A. Noire pop up online

While gamers around the world are waiting (im)patiently to get their hands on L.A. Noire, a UK paper has thrown caution to the wind, seemingly ignoring Rockstar‘s dictated publishing dates and posting a lengthy review of the game.

L.A. Noire

Even the Los Angeles cops couldn't stop the reviews

[surl=]The Guardian[/surl] has granted the game five out of five stars, describing Team Bondi‘s latest as – maybe – finding the embodiment of the holy grail that is a video game indistinguishable from a film.

From start to finish, LA Noire feels like a film – LA Confidential, in fact, along with any similarly hard-boiled example of film noir adapted from stories by the likes of Chandler and Hammett. Set in a gloriously convincing depiction of Los Angeles in 1947 (which is much more attractive than today’s LA), it casts you as Cole Phelps, returning war hero turned cop.

The review itself doesn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know – MotionScan technology has made things possible we’d never have dreamed of, gameplay is based on analysing responses, and the whole thing’s set in 1947.

It does reveal that “if your body language-assessment skills aren’t up to CSI standards”, you can still find the appropriate information by the end of the case – but Phelps will be told off in-game for it.

The Guardian article is relatively spoiler-free for a review, but if you’re cautious, perhaps you should avoid reading the [surl=]full thing[/surl].

One tidbit we found interesting was regarding the game’s control system.

Indeed, the more hardcore gamers may carp that it isn’t sufficiently action-packed or precise. The one criticism that could be levelled at the game is that the shooting system has been over-simplified so that it feels clunky compared to the likes of Grand Theft Auto.


After a long, drawn-out development period, L.A. Noire launches next week – May 17th in North America, while the rest of us wait a few extra days for May 20th. More reviews should start popping up as we get closer.

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