Original Alice returns to PC with soundtrack bonus

Recently, we mentioned that console versions of Alice: Madness Returns would also feature a free-to-download copy of the original Alice after launch.

Today, we’re happy to confirm that the offer extends to the PC version – as long as you pick it up from the EA store. Alice: Madness Returns – The Complete Collection is a handy PC bundle featuring a re-mastered version of the original game alongside its new sequel, and is great if you want to bring yourself up to speed on the darkness that is the Alice fiction.

[img_big]center,44,2011-04-11/alicevsteapot.jpg,Alice vs. Teapot[/img_big]

At the moment, it’s only confirmed for the US store, but we’re crossing our collective fingers in the hope the offer is extended for us in the rest-of-the-world.

Meanwhile, if you’re not so concerned about the earlier game, developer Spicy Horse has another special offer for you. Pre-ordering your copy of Alice: Madness Returns at selected retailers (check your local) will snag you a digital download copy of the game’s soundtrack.

That means nine full quirky, mysterious, diabolical tunes, plus an all-new track contributed by Chris Vrenna (formerly of Nine Inch Nails). Music to my ears!

Alice: Madness Returns will be on show at E3 this year, before being released just one week later, on June 14th.

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